Saturday, August 8, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, August 2nd
1. Playing Ms. PacMan and Wheel of Fortune with Kaeden
2. Rhyder's BIG hugs that end with exhaustive sounds and giggles
3. Momma having a good visit in Gville
4. Maranda and Riley's thoughtful gift from Destin

Monday, August 3rd
1. Freshly mowed lawn
2. The convenience of a DVR
3. Helpful friends with an uncooperative air conditioner
4. Texting with a dear friend

Tuesday, August 4th
1. Safe travel to San Angelo
2. A helpful and informative training workshop
3. Comforts of a cushy hotel.
4. Texting and talking with friends

Wednesday, August 5th
1. Informative seminars
2. Visiting with Mrs. Deaver
3. Privilege of meeting Adam Saenz. Amazing testimony!
4. New awarenesses

Thursday, August 6th
1. Teacher Supply Stores!
2. Evening swim in a pool
3. Phone calls and texts good for my heart
4. Full day seminar surprisedly ending at 1/2 day
5. Unexpected prayerful breakfast with a stranger (Debra) who is hurting deeply)
6. Enjoyable visit with a family also staying at the hotel. Great conversation, adorable children and laughing until it hurt.

Friday, August 7th
1. Google Maps
2. Safety protocols established and enforced in hotel.
3. Enjoyable afternoon at pool with my sister
4. Fun evening with the boys at DQ
5. Talking to my momma
6. Leslie's, Sheryl's, and Amber's support and honest feedback

Saturday, August 8th
1. Trey's willingness to share his insight and experience on personal matters.
2. Acey helping out with the AC issues
3. My puppy-love, who keeps me entertained.
4. Cool, breezy summer nights.
5. Sound of helicopters coming and going from Camp Bowie

Friday, August 7, 2015

Stranger Danger!!!

Wow!!  Just WOW!!

I had to attend unexpected training seminars this week so I incorporated an extended hotel stay out of town for a few days so to have a much-needed mini-vacation as I contemplate all the recent life changes and decisions. (Which also blessedly coincided with the a/c breaking down at my rent house and not being able to be repaired for 3 days in 108 degree temps(!!)

The hotel front desk just called because they stopped a guy in the lobby who said that he was meeting someone in my room number!!

When I answered the phone, they said:  "Ma'am, do you know someone named Damien?"

When I said, no, they apologized for bothering me and requested that I stay in my room.

Where else would I go?
It's 4:30 in the morning!!

I imagine some fool got duped by a girl in a bar or he came to the wrong hotel.

SO THANKFUL that the front desk stopped him.

And embarrassed to say, but IF the. dude had made it past the front desk, and appeared knocking at my door, I probably would have answered the door.


And now all the "what ifs..." are running through my head so doubt there will be any more sleep tonight.

Vacation O-V-E-R!!

Yep, time to go home!
Just waiting for the sun to rise.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, July 26th
1. Family's safe trip to Greenville
2. Doable trip plans to float river
3. Leslie's phone call

Monday, July 27th
1. Ability to meet all financial obligations
2. Sunny evening of floating in a pool
3. Confirmation of job assignment

Tuesday, July 28th
1. Fun antics of an elderly dog acting like a puppy.
2. Shopping with Amber for the float trip.
3. Good visit with Mr. Sommer.

Wednesday, July 29th
1. Great time with Amber as we floated the Frio River
2. Strawberry-Rita's on a hot summer afternoon
3. Casually connecting and laughing with strangers

Thursday, July 30th
1. Meeting with my "new principal". She is FABULOUS!
2. Getting to see and work in my classroom. I am in awe of what an amazing room it is. The BEST I've ever had!
3. Phone chat with Leslie
4. Evening with Sheryl and the boys and Taco Casa ;)

Friday, July 31st
1. Kind neighbors who are always willing to help
2. Sheryl for coming to my rescue with an extra house key
3. Jacks perfecting his "howl"

Saturday, August 1st
1. Playing in the kiddie pool with Rhyder
2. Watching Little Giants with Kaeden
3. Availability of workshops to attend to meet requirements for the new school year
4. Friends recommendations for places to stay in San Angelo
5. Folks at Camp Bowie on training weekend

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, July 19th
1. Caring people at the Animal Shelter
2. Easy to read tire gauges
3. Fun evening at the State Park with my family

Monday, July 20th
1. Grocery shopping with my mom
2. Fish fry at the campgrounds with my family
3. Sharing of memories with Allen and Elizabeth

Tuesday, July 21st
1. Fishing with Kevin, Mitch, Allen & Kaeden
2. Rhyder's silly expressions
3. Riding in the car as Allen & Elizabeth took turns driving
4. Kaeden and the minnows

Wednesday, July 22nd
1. News that Jessica got job in Brady.
2. Uncle Ralph no longer being in pain though my heart hurts for Aunt Wanda
3. Allen and Elizabeth remaining here for a few extra days.

Thursday, July 23rd
1. Emergency Auto Assistance Programs
2. Cuddling with Rhyder and receiving surprise kisses
3. Phone call with Randy
4. Johnson's 50th Wedding Anniversary
5. "Chat" with Amber

Friday, July 24th
1. Payday deposits
2. Migraine medications
3. Reclining lawn chairs

Saturday, July 25th
1. Ability to keep up with 'old friends' through Facebook even when the news isn't happy. Praying for Kristina.
2. Enjoyable evening at my sister's house with my family
3. Time spent with Allen and Elizabeth though plans didn't go as I hoped

Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Evenings

Kevin and his family came to the area for their last camping trip of the summer. I still find it hard to believe that the twins will be sophomores in high school this year. I can still hear their itty-bitty baby cries in my head and distinctly remember the 1st moment I laid eyes on them. Without too much bias, I can truly say that they are good kids.

Much of the evening was spent in lawn chairs and swimsuits while reliving some silly and fun summer moments. I was saddened to learn that they, even at such young ages, picked up on the underlying sadness of my life. A..W. mentioned how I seemed/acted so different when I was with my husband. E.D. brought up how all she really remembered was husband sitting on the couch except for the one time when he and A were talking about Star Trek/Star Wars.

Those precious kiddos spent at least 4 days and nights with me each summer since they were 3 years old. Of course, last summer was different with the separation and move but that's at least 10 summer trips and their memories of husband are zilch. They didn't dislike him. They simply didn't know him and never felt like he cared one way or the other about knowing them. He was rarely, by his choice, involved in our summer plans, trips, and activities.

I'm thankful that he never discouraged me from the times with my niece or nephews but listening to A and E just further  proved the fact of the majority of my married life was spent as a 'single' regardless of legal status.

While talking with counselors over the past year or so, both strongly felt that I was much further along in the natural-grieving-process of my marriage because I had spent at least a decade in grief before finally removing myself from the situation. I guess that makes sense but maannnn, I'd hate to be on timely grief schedule because this has been hard enough as it is.

Of course as I've noted before, the grief went beyond my marriage alone. Leaving my marriage brought about leaving my town, my job, my friends, my church, my dogs, my neighbors, my extended family and many personal belongings. My whole world changed and it is definitely a more peaceful, satisfying place. Now if only the ridiculously long legal aspect of all would end.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Daily Blessings (compiled)

Sunday, July 12th
1. Day-road-trip to Austin with Amber
2. Outdoor musicians
3. Cold river water
4. Kindness of strangers sharing water
5. Wine-tasting in Johnson City
6. Shared laughter with a much-loved friend

Monday, Tuesday 13th
1. Being reminded of some phenomenal Biblical truths while reading Nicole Johnson's Keeping A Princess Heart
2. Blessed by the presence of wonderful friends who continue to be such an important part of my heart for most, if not all, of my life.
3. Phone call with Leslie.
4. Leslie's safety and well-being after 2 life-threatening accidents in a 2 week time frame.
5. Kind messages from friends through Facebook
6. Good evening with my mom, sister and nephews.

Tuesday, July 14th
1. Becoming an official employee of Blanket ISD
2. A "real" shopping trip at the grocery store
3. Blessings of many sharing in my joy and excitement of a new job
4. Flying craftsy airplanes in an open field with Kaeden and Rhyder
5. Running through a sprinkler with Rhyder
6. Having both boys come over for a sleep-over

Wednesday, July 15th
1. Beginning the day with Kaed and Rhyder
2. Momma going with me out to Blanket
3. Officially signing work contract
4. Visiting with Maranda
5. Watching Little Giants with Kaed
6. Ability to help a stray or lost dog

Thursday, July 16th
1. Mr. Sommer's understanding at my need for rescheduling.
2. Kindness and support from Dr. Schum and his assistant, Kelsie
3. Fun sleepover and day with Kaeden

Friday, July 17th
1. Nice visit with Jessica B.
2. Safe options available for the stray dog currently living the backyard.
3. Leslie passing ESL test

Saturday, July 18th
1. Afternoon fun with Rhyder
2. Good evening with Mom and Sheryl
3. Mitch helping me figure out tire pressure issues
4. Birthday prayers for a special friend
5. Uncle Ralph receiving adequate hospital care

Friday, July 17, 2015


Within the past week or so, I've come to "see" some things that were previously unseen. I didn't realize how much I lost myself over the past several years. I'm not certain whose to blame and it's not even remotely important for me to be able to do so.

Regardless of fault or intention, I allowed "me" to wither away day by day almost to the point of emotionally disintegrating and physically disappearing. I am so grateful for those God used to call me back to LIVING not simply surviving. I hope the folks listed below truly realize what strength, guidance and hope they have been to me. As I list their names, I realize how incredibly blessed I am to have such caring people in my life.

My mom
Sheryl & Mitch
Wayne & Becky
Susan T.
Leslie F.
Leslie B.
Amy B.
Kevin & Angel
my aunt, Susan
Stacy K.
Bobbie A.
David A.
Tommy S.
Tara E.
Jennie O.
Randy D.
Nick & Marvella
Phillip and Donnie
Amber D.
Kara J.
David W
Keith & Vickie
Kelsie E.
Adrian S.
Kimber B.
Diane R.
Jessica B.
Acey S.
Deidra N.
Anne B.
Shirley C.
Merrandie S.
Pam L.

and I'm certain that some aren't immediately coming to mind.

Regardless of the seemingly never-ending legal nonsense, I am ready to begin these next chapters of life. Exciting to think about what the future may hold.