Monday, July 30, 2007

Stumbling Through

My motivation is still lacking along with the desire to retreat and isolate coming on strong.
My mind is going non-stop yet it remains difficult to put any of these running thoughts into something understandable.

Lots of question-type issues.
Why did...?
How do I...?
Why can't...?
Am I doing/saying...enough?
If only...

Some thoughts are relevant and could be helpful to pursue, some not.

I am relying heavily upon Scripture right now and digging to find passages that accurately mirror what I seem unable to articulate at this time.

I know that I am on the right path; I can feel God's leading.
My hang-up seems to be the pace that I'm keeping.
I either feel like I'm moving to slow or moving so quickly that I'm passing by important 'landmarks' along the journey.

I am seeking, through my Biblical studies what it means exactly to "be still/stand and wait/position yourself and see..."

  • What does this require of me?
  • What will be accomplished if I will simply obey?
  • The art of doing nothing evades me but I know it is necessary.
  • It's strange to me how "being still" can be so emotionally exhausting.

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