Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Busy Day

Today has been quite a day. The morning began a little earlier than most other summer mornings due to 2 doctor appointments. I had hoped to run a few errands after meeting with Dr. Wick but failed to remember that some of the places I wanted to go didn't even open until 10 a.m. so I had time to spare while waiting for my next appointment. I was able to make a few phone calls; one of which informed me that a dear friend's mother had passed away. These past few days have been saturated with loss. My heart breaks for Debbie.

After being thoroughly up-front with Dr. Wick, he believes that I could benefit from yet another medicine to add to my repertoire but after some prayerful consideration and research on the medicine, I have chosen to not pursue that "suggestion" any further (at least for now). I don't feel 100% confident about going against the 'advice' but both my husband and therapist support me in my decision and I can always "change my mind" if improvements don't continue to be made.

After pretty much making that decision, I ended up canceling the other dr. appt and headed back home for a couple of hours. Thought that I might do something productive, during that time, but I ended up laying on the couch and watched an "old classic movie" that I had never even heard of until recently. Jeremiah Johnson (Robert Redford back in 1972). There were some funny parts in the show but most was a little too graphic for my taste.

My dad, indirectly, briefly popped back into the scene mid-afternoon. There is some sort of investigation going on (I specifically sought NO details) and I was contacted by the investigators, with the hopes that I would/could assist them in their attempts to contact him. I politely explained the current situation regarding the family 'relationships' and simply didn't have much to offer.

I have mixed feelings about that. The man I talked with was very kind and immediately removed me from the "main data base" so hopefully phone calls and letters such as this will FINALLY stop. Of course, the man couldn't make any guarantees but he seemed sincere in his efforts to do what he could. Maybe all of the drama will end one day!!

I received the new school schedule this afternoon. Usually, that is something exciting but I actually dreaded opening up the envelope. I am just not ready to return to work but ready or not... the time has come.

I met with Jim this afternoon. May God bless his patience and persistence. I don't mean to be as difficult as I can sometimes be but regardless of intention, the difficulty persists. I'm finding it easier to be open with him but felt out of sorts today. He commented that he liked this 'fighting side' of me. He said he had seen it before when it came to other people but not when it had to do with me. That 'fighting side' seemed more like b****iness to me but I'll trust his judgment.

Another friend and I had the time to discuss my possibly placing membership at the congregation I've been attending but I have some questions needing answers before making that decision. I have several options on who to talk with but my mind is simply too worn out right now for any deep discussions.

The evening has been spent in helping my hard-working husband prepare for one of his finals. He amazes me with how well he can keep it all together while working, attending school, taking care of me, helping out his parents...the list could go on. I am truly blessed.

I also found out that one of my favorite people, "Nurse Amy" will now be working for the Bullard School District as the 7th grade Science teacher. YEA for her. Another person of amazement. It would be great to have her on the elementary campus but it'll still be good to have the connection with her through school.

I am hoping that tomorrow will be a day of calm. I have to get this house clean!! I have let it go for far too long. My mom is coming to help me out on Saturday but I would like to have the heavy-duty "stuff" done by then. Procrastination has become too close of a 'friend'!!

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