Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ending of summer routines :(

These past few days have been good. I missed going to church on Sunday because of a migraine. I was surprised at how much I missed being there; the week just doesn't start out the same without beginning it at Bible class and worship services.

Wayne and I enjoyed a weekend at home. He is through for the summer semester and ended up doing A LOT of yard work. My mom came out on Saturday and helped me begin to re-organize the guest room. I decided to set it up as a playroom for Allen, Elizabeth, and Kaeden. There are 2 twin beds and a "girl's toy side" and a "boy's toy side". I am going to let Allen and Elizabeth pick out some posters for 'their' side of the room on their next visit. Most of the toys are not suitable for Kaeden so I will have to make him a special play area in the small entryway into the room. When that room re-do is completed, it'll be time to tackle Wayne's office area.

Mitch, Sheryl and Kaeden are out of town for the week. I miss them; it's strange because I probably wouldn't be seeing them anyway but knowing their out of town feels different.

I FINALLY found a person to regularly cut my hair. She is from this area and has no intention of leaving or quitting any time soon so hopefully, she will work out. Unfortunately, there is only so much she can do right now with my attempt at growing my hair out so the "awkward stage" shall continue. UGH!

I met with Jim yesterday and that went well though not easily. We are discussing some tough subjects that leave me kinda sullen and thoughtful for the remainder of the day but nothing that I, with the Lord, can't handle.

I made a trip to Adventures in Learning with the hopes of getting inspired to go to my classroom and prepare for the fall semester---it didn't work. I ran into 4 co-workers while in the store but still didn't feel the need to head out to school. This is totally unlike me; my room and plans are usually done WAY before now. The teachers begin in-service this coming Monday so ready or not, the time has come.

Doug, Sherry, and Tim brought Cameron and Jordan out to go fishing last night. We didn't have much luck with the fish; only one mid-sized mud cat but all seemed to have a good time. The Loughs graciously allowed us to use their boat dock. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the peacefulness of fishing. Our fishing rods were stolen a while back but Tim left his rod here at the house so I plan on going more often when it cools down a lil' bit. I enjoyed having people out here. I wish that Wayne and I had more couple friends to hang out with every now and then. Maybe in time.

I am spending today cleaning, doing laundry, and Biblical research on doctrinal issues. I am beginning to wonder if ANYONE can know with 100% accuracy that they have the correct interpretations. Some of the "arguments" regarding the same issue both seem to make sense. The whole process is a bit frustrating but I know, that God, will lead me to where He wants me to be. I pray that I may be open and receptive to His call/direction.

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