Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Tuesday was a lot better.
Yesterday was ridiculously mopey & pretty much a waste of time so I have made some decisions.
  • I will immediately get up and prepare for the day. Lounging around in PJ's seems to contribute to the lethargy.
  • I will leave the house, at least once per day, even if it is just for a neighborhood walk or a visit with a neighbor.
  • I will read my Bible daily and commit at least 2 verses/sections to memory each week.
  • Each day, I will think outside of myself and will do, at least one thing, for another.
  • I will highlight my calendar on specific dates as a reminder on when situations/circumstances only seem majorly significant due to factors beyond my control. I will also take recommended medications during those kinds of days.
  • There are only 12 days until school begins. I will complete my home responsibilities and begin preparing for school.
  • I will meet with both Dr. Wick and Dr. Roper and make any medicinal adjustments recommended.

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