Friday, August 3, 2007

My, How Time Flies...

I am having a hard time believing that it is already August. I went into the summer with all sorts of plans and very little has actually been done according to my plan but, nonetheless, it has been a "good break". This is the 1st summer since I was 15 that I haven't, at least, worked part-time. At the start, I didn't think I would like having that much time off but I have really enjoyed the freedom of very few schedules and plans. I have really appreciated the time to process a lot of new learning, along with re-fanning a long, lost spirituality flame.

I attended a teacher's conference a couple of days ago and am just now getting in the mindset of returning to school. Usually, by this time of the summer, my room is organized and ready-to-go but not this year!! I haven't worked in my classroom since the last day of school. Before the school year ended, I did prepare the 1st 2 weeks of lesson plans for the fall and have things for that time period set aside in one of those many boxes still stacked along my classroom walls so that puts me at ease (provided I can find those papers!)

One important thing that I learned last year is that I don't "always" have to have it all together and that it is "okay" to ask for help, when needed. I still have a lot to do to prepare for the upcoming school year but I am not feeling the usual pressure and that is nice.

I will have my 1st student teacher this fall. I have become used to being observed by college students but actually "sharing" my class for an extended amount of time will be something new. The student teacher happens to be one of my favorite ex-room mom's so that has taken a lot of the pressure off. I had both of her boys as kdg. students and absolutely adored the entire family.

I hope to enjoy and appreciate each moment of the remaining 3+ weeks of summer break. Maybe I can still accomplish some of those initially laid out plans.

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