Sunday, September 2, 2007

Adventures of a Sunday afternoon...

I know the hormones are playing a huge part in my emotions but it's still hard. I didn't make it through Bible Class or Worship Services because of the tears that threaten at the most inopportune times. I left class and went to the restroom to get a grip. Thankfully, no one noticed so no undue attention was received. I wasn't as lucky when stepping out of worship services but thankfully no explanations were expected; just hugs and offers to help, if needed along with promised prayers. I hate when moments like that come upon me but oh, well...part of life right now. All will even out. I am feeling the stress of the emotional upheaval but not the sense of depression so simply ridin' this one out. Once the meds are fully in my system, I have been assured that "this short amount of time that will seem lengthy" will be well worth it. Wonder if I could get that statement in some sort of written guarantee:).

Sheryl, Kaeden, and I met Wayne and his family for lunch at Luby's and that was an adventure in and of itself that one day I'm sure will be looked back on with laughter. Afterwards, Sheryl, Kaeden and I then headed to the mall. I am the kind of shopper that goes in to a store, picks off supposed sizes off the racks, makes sure that returns are acceptable and checks out within minutes. I can't remember the last time I saw the insides of a dressing room but today was all about "girl-y mall shopping". The time with Sheryl and Kaeden was nice but I've had my fill of the mall for at least a year or more. I am thankful for discount stores and online shopping. I can't imagine the mall scene on a regular basis!!

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