Saturday, September 8, 2007

Triumph of Today's Blessings

It's official...this year's kindergarten group has, once again, stolen my heart. I am enjoying my job so much and am so thankful for the blessings of the innocence and honesty of children. This past week has, personally, been emotionally topsy-turvy, but the hours with these precious little ones have fed, rather than drain, my soul.

I am grateful for the weekend. I felt in desperate need of some down time. My sleep is still somewhat fitful so being able to take advantage of 'sleeping in' has helped. The only plans for the weekend are worship services and the congregation's annual family picnic tomorrow. I am looking forward to both. Wayne is going to meet me for the picnic---yay! I'm glad to have the opportunity for him to meet some of the people that have become such an important part of my "new life".

I continue to struggle with some heavy emotional issues. Talking with Jim this past week was way more difficult than I even expected. As I was leaving the office, I had the thought of wanting to go straight to the physical arms of God for comfort. I did so, spiritually, and was so thankful for the physical arms of Amy. A lot was said and I'm not sure where those particular admissions will lead but I know, thankfully, that God will lead me, through this experience, to a better place.

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