Saturday, December 1, 2007

Holiday Happenings

This is the first holiday season in 5-6 years that I have enjoyed. Wayne and I attended Thanksgiving meals on both sides of the families and I, surprisingly, felt like it was the best time that I've ever experienced in regards to both families.

Both Wayne and I participated in a "service project" with my congregation on Thanksgiving Day. A group of 15-20 of us spent the afternoon at ETMC delivering fresh cut flowers to patients who most likely, would not have had any holiday visitors. It was a supernaturally amazing day. Along with being blessed by the patients we visited and those participating in the project, I was also able to get a small glimpse of the hospital environment. I am hoping to "shadow" a nurse and a chaplain this summer to help me decide about pursuing a nursing degree within the next 2-3 years.

Michael, Candace, and I had made plans to paint the living room; dining room and kitchen over the 4 day Thanksgiving Break but I postponed the plans. I had a prior commitment to arrange flowers for the ETMC project and strongly felt that Wayne and I were in desperate need of some laid-back days at home with just the two of us. I was prayerfully concerned about us spending that much time together because of how shaky our relationship has been lately but the time together proved to be a graciously blessed time of renewal and reconnection.

All at work is going well. This upcoming week is the last week for my student teacher, Mandy. I have really enjoyed having her as a part of our class and all of us are going to miss her. The kids and I will have 2 full weeks of the Christmas schedule before the 2-week holiday break then hopefully, we will be able to adjust back to our "normal routine" at the start of the new semester.

My little one in class that I have been so concerned about has ended up moving away. My heart was broken. Damien, his family and his home situation helped me to remember that even the smallest gestures can mean so much and was also a not-so-subtle reminder that I CANNOT CONTROL OR CHANGE the life circumstances of my students. I am only responsible for creating a safe, loving environment during the times they are entrusted to my care and that my largest responsibility is to love them well while praying for God's protection and provision for all of them.

Bailey and I are headed to the vet this morning. Poor little buddy is due for shots along with having the Dr. looking at some possible abnormalities. Wayne has his last "speech" today (Yay! for him) so we will go to record that event over at Michael's and Candace's. And I may venture out to do some Christmas shopping.

Abby's pups have all opened their eyes and are discovering their legs and their ability to truly whine, growl, and bark. If only they would stay this little and dependent on their momma, I would keep 'em all. We have found a home for 1 out of the 7---looks as if some of holiday break will be spent at the Walmart parking lot being assertive (ha!) and trying to find 'good homes' for these cutie-pies.

Outside of the usual prayer concerns this week are the following:
  • Cheryl and Kip's infant grandson, Dalton, who is currently at Children's Medical Center
  • Wayne's complete healing
  • Wayne, Michael & Sheryl with up-coming finals
  • Jim's traveling to and from Austin for his DPS Regional Chaplain training
  • Elizabeth's immune system and health which has proven to be weak over the past several months
  • Both Mandy's, Michelle's and Amy's job opportunities along with the "future plans" of BISD
  • Emotional healing for both Jason and Kaylyn as they grieve the loss of their twins
  • Both Wendy and Rhonda as they adjust to the deteriorating health of their mothers
  • Debbie, Lisa, Carole, Naomi, Rae, Chris and Betsey as they all go through their 1st holiday season without either their mother or father
  • Both Randy, Cora, and the congregational families as changes are being made. May all be done in a loving, Christ-like way and serve to further God's purposes for all of their lives
  • Dan and Cay as they travel to and from the Christian Camping International conference
  • Feliciano family's awareness efforts and garage sale to ensure that the life and death of little Jackson will be a blessing to all who come in contact with his story and family
  • Jackson, Johnna, and all of their family as they "make-the-most" of the seemingly insurmountable difficulties regarding their Jackson's health. May he, through God, prove the doctors wrong, and receive total, complete healing and live a long life.
  • Holly's pregnancy
  • Home-placements for all of the puppies
  • Family stability for "my" Jackson and "my" Damien
  • Shana's divorce proceedings
  • Health, safety, and well-being for both Wayne's mom and dad and my mom and dad
  • Relationship "issues" with Sheryl and Mitch
  • Financial concerns for Melissa and her 3 young children
  • Judy as she recovers from car accident injuries
  • Thomas, Susan & Jake as "dealing with" Jake's recent Army enlistment
  • The specific patients at ETMC that Wayne and I have become acquainted with. May all of their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs be met.
It's amazing to me the needs of others that God places upon one's heart. I am, once again, reminded to be thankful that all is within HIS hands, power, and control and that I am only to be what He is calling me to be in my life and in the lives of others. What an awesome and relieving thought!!

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