Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins (my # 2; site's # 107)

1. Enough with the cold. I am such a warm weather type of gal!!

2. Conflict causes me to be conflicted but I am learning that not all conflict is negative.

3. I've been craving time alone; a personal retreat with very little responsibilities.

4. My 2-year-old Schnauzer-mix-dog, Bailey, makes me laugh. He is the sweetest thing.

5. I wish I could go to my little sister’s new house next week. Living 6 hours away has not been easy after being used to having her and her family being 15 minutes down the road.

6. The impact that my life-long friend, David, has had on my life has been on my mind lately. David passed away over the Christmas holiday break. I am amazed at how Dave & his family allowed God to use them to bless my life in such immeasurable Spirit-filled ways.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing at home with my husband, tomorrow my plans include routine errands & tasks and spending time with my mom and Sunday, I want to “officially commit” to the Spring Break Jamaican Mission Trip with my home congregation.


  1. Sounds great! I love it that you joined in. It is fun and we get a little glimpse into your life.

  2. Ok, I looked for an "Email me" link and there is not one. Email me if you want to, I think we live near one another. (well, near meaning in the same metroplex!)

  3. Hi Stacy,
    It's nice to meet you!
    I look forward to gettin to know you better and reading your blog.
    I see we're doing the same bible study! I'll be sure to check in and read your thoughts about the next lesson!