Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday Stuggles

Today has been difficult. I am having a hard time 'turning off' my mind. Those incessant 'voices' telling me that I'll never be good enough, that this pain will never end, that nothing I do really matters, I'll never measure up, I've failed, etc. I know that the Devil is wanting to hold me back from these new freedoms I'm experiencing and I will not, THROUGH THE LORD, lose this battle.

I KNOW my goodness comes from Christ, alone. I KNOW I have nothing to prove. I KNOW that this pain will end. I KNOW that Christ has already worn the battle and I KNOW that all else is temporary. I KNOW that God loves me as I am. I KNOW His love covers all of my regrets, my mistakes, my fears.

I pray that God will remove any thoughts that are in not in accordance with His Word and His Will and replace them with His truths, His mercies, and His peace. I also pray for the ability to mentally and physically rest for the next few hours so that I may give my best to my sweet students tomorrow; they deserve no less.


  1. Bless you sweetie. You are a very beautiful daughter of the King, that makes you a princess. Never forget your worth.

  2. Stacey, praying for your day today! You are the Apple of God's Eye! Don't forget it!

  3. Stacy, I wish I was close by to cradle you in my arms and whisper how much your Father loves you!!! I read this post several times over the past few days - it describes I lived for a very long time. I don't know the origins of your story, but God clearly gave me this verse to share with you this afternoon. Know I am praying for you, darlin'!

    The last Word:
    Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear. Forget your people and your father's house. THE KING IS ENTHRALLED BY YOUR BEAUTY; honor him, for He is your Lord.
    Psalm 45: 10, 11, NIV.

  4. Hi Stacy,

    I've been reading your blog tonight and sure could relate to practically everything you wrote about! lol We love alot of the same praise n worship music. I'm anxious to read more of your missions trips!

    I'm glad we're doing the bible study together, and look forward to coming back and reading more of your thoughts.

    Keep remembering that the devil is a LIAR! YOU ARE A DAUGHTER OF THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE!! So ignore satans lying, deceiving prompts... he's such an idiot.

    I am praying for your pain....
    This very moment.
    You're thee KINGS KID!