Friday, February 27, 2009

Daily Gratitudes # 1

For the past month or so, I've kept a sidebar of "Daily Gratitudes". I've really enjoyed having these small moments of appreciation. I couldn't, possibly, list all that I am grateful for each day but having the simple reminder to keep an "attitude of gratitude" has been worthwhile for me. I am going to keep the sidebar posts going but 'cut and paste' that list into a post after a month or so.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for...

  • Feb. 27:..muscle relaxants and hot soaks :)
  • Feb. 26: ...for the loving hearts of my students who went above and beyond in 'being careful' around me today since mobility remains limited.
  • Feb. 25: ...for the supportive people in my life who care for me when I can't quite care for myself.
  • Feb. 24: ...a kind-hearted work environment when one as clumsy as myself stumbles over a child and gets hurt in the process!!
  • Feb. 22:...a thoughtful, considerate husband
  • Feb. 21: ...peaceful rhythm of an early morning rain
  • Feb. 20:...FRIDAY!!! ...2 weeks until "Spring Break...2 weeks until "Spring Break"..." :)
  • Feb. 19: ...OTC medications that help aleve discomfort.
  • Feb. 18:...the timely arrival of my passport. Having that document in my hand makes the upcoming trip to Jamaica that much more "real".
  • Feb. 17: ...the persistent love of God who continually opens doors of enlightenment when my soul needs it the most.
  • Feb. 16: ...the joy children find in all sorts of celebrations---even while attending school on President's Day
  • Feb. 15: ...medications to cease the pain from allergic reactions
  • Feb. 14: ...a sunshine-y day and stormy evening. I loved the contrasts and seeing God's beauty in both.
  • Feb. 13: ...Chloe Olivia's healthy arrival. Congrats Kaylyn and Jason. Love to all 3 of you!!
  • Feb. 12: ...great clearance deals...Woo-Hoo!! $20.00 kids' toys clearanced for $3.00 each YAY!
  • Feb. 11: friend Jim who is teaching me so much about unconditional love & the concepts of grace
  • Feb. 10: ...being my "husband's girlfriend for the past 13 years". Happy 1st Date Anniversary, Honey Bun!
  • Feb. 9: ...giggles of children who always enjoy times of silliness
  • Feb. 8: ...privilege of prayer
  • Feb. 7: ...a day at home to "catch up" on tasks
  • Feb. 6: ...the weekend. What a tiring week!!
  • Feb. 5: ...a week of visiting with my sister and her precious baby boy
  • Feb 4: memories of friends who have already gone to meet Jesus.
  • Feb. 3: ...a fun evening with my mom, sister, nephew & family friend.
  • Feb. 2: ...times of quiet, non-obligatory peace.
  • February 1: ...a congregation of believers who model the concept of unconditional love, time and time again. Thanks especially to Cheryl, Drema, Jimette and Jim.
  • Jan. 31: sister and her baby boy being in town to visit for at least a week.
  • Jan. 30: dear friend, Susan, who patiently listens, sweetly encourages, and faithfully prays.
  • Jan. 29: ...a kind-hearted "boss" and good friends who help carry the load when I am ill & not feeling up to it. Thanks esp. to Michelle, Nadine, Susan, & Theresa.
  • Jan. 28: ...a warm home to go to on these unusually cold days.
  • Jan. 27: ...a patient & loving husband who knows when to step in and when to step back. I do love & appreciate you, Wayne.
  • Jan 26: ...a long-time friend who loves me unconditionally and is always there for me, even when it's not the easiest thing to do. Thanks, Randy.


  1. What a great idea, Stacy! I try to make a mental gratitude list every night before I go to bed, but it makes such a difference to write it down. You should go visit Ann Voskamp at Holy Experience (she's one of the blogs I follow and a truly exceptional writer) and join her gratitude community!

  2. Stacy, this is awesome! I'm ready to get on the bandwagon for March. Anyone else game?