Saturday, February 7, 2009

(runnin' late) Self Talk, Soul Talk Chapter 5 (personal reflections)

I was excited about reading Chapter 5: TUNE IN: AWAKE MY SOUL immediately after reading Jennifer's words in the sectional intro. on page 62:
"Most of the self-talk pronouncements are in the Psalms...each will speak truth to your soul, and when it is applied, it will bring balance and wellness to your soul."

Oh, how I LONG for balance and wellness in my soul. I believe I am on the right path but the journey is far more intense and moving more slowly than I ever anticipated.

I appreciated her thoughts on the importance of and the steps needed to keep our "thought closets" clean. I shared this concept with a precious friend the other day and he encouraged me to not only "clean out that closet but to destroy it and build a new one". Hmmm...not a great testimony of my refusal to not allow 'junk to enter' (pg. 65).

Even though I have, repeatedly, read Psalm 57, I have never thought about David's words: "Awake my soul!" Those words alone led me to re-read Chapter 5 several times and really think about what it meant for one's soul to be awake.

Jennifer's words on page 66 were, in fact, a means of waking my soul: "The initial undeception that leads us to faith in God is the big one, but other, daily undeceptions keep our souls clean and thriving...We need constant reminders of truth and a heightened awareness of reality. We must constantly challenge our souls to be fully aware, awake, and tuned in."
  • I confess that I am not constantly challenging my soul. It seems that the 'bad thoughts' are often so much easier to believe that I won't allow the Truths to take root. I wonder why that is...
    • Is it due to those negative thoughts simply being there far longer? Is it because it takes less effort to simply believe the words spoken by another than searching out what God says? Is it simply a part of living in a fallen world? These are the thoughts that I need to prayerfully lay before the Lord and allow Him to lead me to a place of repentance, when necessary.

Jennifer's words on how we allow distractions to divert us from the truth and risk the care of precious treasures hit me like a brick. I believe that my biggest distractions are in being overly concerned about what others may think of/about me (lest I be a disappointment) and my strong inclination to avoid conflict & pain. I MUST (as Jennifer advises on pages 71-73) to not allow ANY sort of distraction to displace my treasures by constantly waking up my soul, focusing on what God deems valuable, and placing all distractions firmly where they belong.

The view of how Satan lulls us into a place of complacency simply because we grow accustomed to the distractions that he places in the way was a moment of 'awakening' for me. I have grown weary in fighting off the "roaring lion" because I've been using my own means of protection and weapons that are not from God. I SO APPRECIATED the specific Scripture references that were used throughout this chapter to silence that 'roar'.

God, used this chapter, to truly awaken my soul. I thank Him for his persistence and I thank Jennifer for allowing Him to use her as a means to spread His message(s).

End of the Chapter Questions:

  1. What undeception has brought you liberty? The most recent undeception has been that this is not my battle, alone; the battle is being fought by God and the weapons He has made readily available. I only need to TRUST in Him, RELY upon Him, and take Him at His Word.

  2. Have you identified your real enemy? I think I am my own worst enemy. I have allowed Satan to distract and discourage me.

  3. Do you need to tell your soul to tune in more often? Most definitely YES!! Minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day...


  1. God bless you, you are very wise.

  2. Thank You Jesus, for the work that abounds in Stacy. Encourage her through Your Word, awaken her Father, awaken her.

  3. Stacy,
    This was a great chapter, I related to what you say about being your own worst enemy. Your words really spoke to my heart.


  4. "He encouraged me to not only 'clean out that closet but to destroy it and build a new one". I LOVED that, Stacy. Maybe that's what we all need. Oh yeah - that's what He's going to do when He comes back to get us! Thanks for sharing your heart.

  5. I hear you, Stacy. It is so much easier to believe those lies. I've had to remind myself a lot in the past week that my feelings are not truth. Was stuck for a few days as I wallowed in these emotions. But God whispered and somehow I was able to act contrary to how I felt. It got easier...Now I'm feeling better. Sometimes our thoughts and emotions follow our actions.

    It sounds like you have some great friends. Keep cleaning that closet!