Saturday, March 28, 2009

Journey to Jamaica, Day 3

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

As I sit in this camping environment, I am surrounded by the beauty of God's creation and the peacefulness of His presence. I am taken back by the realization that the peacefulness of His presence may be mine despite my surroundings or circumstances. What an awesome privilege; what a treasured gift!

I am praying for a deepened faith in my God that will overwhelm any and all mistrusts that linger in my heart. I know God can heal and restore all things and I pray that He will do just in all areas of my life. I pray for the humility, mercy, and capability to unconditionally love as Christ loves me. I pray for a gentle spirit that is dependent upon God and God alone.

Today was somewhat difficult. My shoulder injury was aggravating me and led to a feeling of being drained both physically and emotionally. I am irritated that this pain hasn't gone away and embarrassed that it is prohibiting me from being 100% available to the goals of this trip. While waiting for the pain to dissipate, I assembled the 'goody bags' for the rural school we will be assisting at on Friday. Afterwards, I ended up taking the pain RX and slept in the tent from 11:30-2:30. (UGH!!)

I missed lunch and was thankful that my mom had strongly encouraged me to pack canned tuna meals, beef jerky, and packaged crackers. The afternoon tasks consisted of cleaning the used paint brushes, and then painting picnic tables with Cheryl, Cay, and Caren. Low-key day but, thankfully, my shoulder is feeling much better.

The evening meal consisted of some doughy item similar to potato cakes, bread dumplings, steamed green beans, white rice and baked fish. Throughout dinner, several of us talked about the return trip that is being planned for the summer. I am falling in love with Jamaica and would so like to come back; I am already having difficulty imagining returning to my 'westernized lifestyle' while so much is needed and can be done here.
I realized as I write these words that these are the plans that I have. I haven't even laid these plans before the Lord. I surrender these plans to His hands and pray that above all, His will be done. Other evening conversations focused upon Nel's adoption of 2 Jamaica boys and Dan's recent adoption of a child from China and an on-going adoption process for a teen in Ethiopia. My heart yearns to have such an opportunity to be more involved in the lives of children in need. Again, I am fervantly praying that my heart and mind will be open and receptive to His will and I pray for the wisdom to be able to discern what His good and perfect will is.