Monday, March 2, 2009

Praise and Prayer Report...

On February 10th, I requested prayers for specific situations...wanted to give a lil' update.

  • My niece-by-marriage, gave birth on Feb. 13th (after 36 hours!!) to the precious bundle of love pictured above. She is 100% healthy and all are doing well!

  • The parents of my student with special needs have, reluctantly, agreed to a meeting and the "process" is on its way so that this precious boy's needs may be met.

  • My "baby sister", despite she and her family battling the flu, are doing well. They, unexpectedly came into some money that GREATLY blessed them in their time of need. They have been able to find a church home that looks promising and her husband has a job and their lives seem to be moving forward.

God is ALWAYS good and I am so thankful that His goodness was shown through these circumstances. Thanks to those of you who held them up to our Father, in prayer.