Monday, April 20, 2009

Daily Gratitudes # 4

I try to keep a sidebar of my "Daily Gratitude". I've really enjoyed having these small moments of appreciation. I couldn't, possibly, list all that I am grateful for each day but having the simple reminder to keep an "attitude of gratitude" has been worthwhile for me. I keep the sidebar posts going but 'cut and paste' that list when it gets lengthy.


April 17: for only 6 more Fridays before summer vacation!!

April 16: for the hope that we, as believers, have in Christ, even in tragedy and death.

April 15: for the new beginning of a Wednesday Bible Study with Godly women.

April 14: for a BEAUTIFUL sunny afternoon that allowed my WAY-ACTIVE Pre-K students to play outside!!

April 13: for the privilege of celebrating my father-in-law's 87th birthday with him today.

April 12: for a fun Easter afternoon with 50 family members at our house for lunch and a 1200+ egg hunt. Praising God for all things---especially for the sunshine-y afternoon!

April 11: for my mom who is always willing to help me; always there to encourage me, and who always remembers me in prayer. Love you lots, Mom!

April 10: for unused "Bad Weather Days" that allowed the faculty, staff, and students a day off for the Easter weekend.

April 9: for involved parents of my students who helped make an at-school egg hunt enjoyable.

April 8: for the gift of writing that Micca Campbell shares in her book AN UNTROUBLED HEART. I am learning so much from her.

April 7: for an encouraging, supportive, loving husband.

April 6: for supportive, understanding co-workers and friends.

April 5: for an encouraging, uplifting, God-adoring worship service this morning.

April 4: that I had the opportunity to see my brother and his 2 children today. Short but enjoyable visit. Can't believe those "twin babies" will soon be 9 years old!!


  1. Stacy, Thanks for commenting on my new blog. Yes, I see we have a lot in common. I read yout prayer requests and I will pray for each and everyone one of them. You wright wonderfullr and your words are truly sent to you as a gift from God. I do not have that ability but, just wright exactly what I am feeling. I'm hoping the Lord will gain something from me pouring out my emotions. Please keep in contact as I will continue to be blessed by your words.
    Surrendering Mom

  2. Hello, my friend! I have been away a little while, but am grateful to be catching up with you. This post reminds me to focus on being thankful, and I thank you for that!