Monday, April 6, 2009

Journey to Jamaica, Day 7 (final day)

(Judith and Nel both work full-time at New Generation Camp)
Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today was casually very low-key. Unfortunately, we, again, woke up to no water but Nel graciously allowed us to go to her cottage to shower. I was so grateful for her generosity because I felt so grimy with sand, sunscreen, and bug spray and feeling clean for the flight home was so appreciated.
(Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Elaine cooked our meals all week.)
Our final Jamaican breakfast consisted of papaya, buttered bread, bacon, and something that Judith introduced to us with the words: "This appears to be eggs but do not be deceived. Eggs they are not." (funny but apprehensive-causing phrase!!) Whatever it was ended up being fine to eat. After eating, we all packed up, 'broke down' the tent site and helped clean up the dining area and bathroom areas. All were much quieter than usual.

Several of walked down to the Cranbrook Estates Gift Shop; the walk to the store was easy but it was a steep, uphill trek back to the camp. When leaving the Gift Shop, I realized that when we returned to Camp, a taxi-bus would be waiting for us to carry us to the airport. I cried all the way back to camp. I missed home yet at the same time didn't want to leave. Before leaving for the airport, we all returned to the tree house for a time of prayer and 'good-byes'.
Father, I thank You so much for allowing me this experience and for overcoming all of the obstacles that could've prevented my participation in this amazing trip. Thank you for the relationships that were made and deepened throughout this journey. Thank you for the safe-keeping of us all in what turned out to be a more physically-demanding week than any of us expected. Father, please bless Nel, Judith, Mario, Ms. Barbara, Lemon, and all the others who have sacrificed so much so that the Jamaican people may have the opportunity to come to know You through the experience of Christian camping in an environment that shouts out your glory through every inch of its surroundings. Please continue to care for these precious people as well as for the loving staff, faculty, and students at Chester Primary. I pray that doors of opportunity for ministry will continue to be opened so that these 2 God-loving facilities may continue to faithfully serve You and bring glory to Your name. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to be a small part of the works You are accomplishing here and I ask, that if it be Your will, that I will be able to return one day.


  1. Stacy, your accounts of this journey have moved my heart deeply. By now, you are either "in the air" or home. God bless you for your obedience to make this trip and for sharing what Christ has revealed to your heart along the way!

  2. I have really enjoyed this dear.

  3. Oh, Stacy. these are precious, precious memories. I am so glad you have taken us on this journey with you. I have been blessed through the process.

    love to you,

  4. I will have to come back later to catch up on your trip. It sounds like it blessed you.

    Happy Easter!