Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ABC's of the Word: P

  • Thanks again to for the above photograph depicting the verse: Isaiah 10:29
  • I chose this particular verse because there are so many right now who are feeling "weak" in one area or another. I am so grateful that God is true to His promises. He will give strength to the weary. He will increase the power of the weak.


  1. I like heartlight, too. Thanks for your recent comment about resource speaking in the school. It is actually a great time for me. It is also fun to interact with kids from the church. I'm glad you are a teacher, we need more Christians in these important positions. Did I tell you my daughter will be a junior at Harding majoring in elem ed? wb

  2. Fantastic verse, Stacy! Thank you for the reminder. He is my power when I am weak...oh thank you, Lord!

    Also, hooray for you - it is summer! I love your daily gratitude. I keep a gratitude list but I love your idea! Might I copy it?

  3. Do you get email updates when you leave a post on my site? I never know when people do or not, and I always want to send a "thanks for visiting" just in case.

    I enjoy going to the schools with these kinds of programs. It is good for the kids and for me.

  4. I could use a little increase in power! Thanks for the boost, Stacy!

  5. AMEN!! What a great verse! So encouragening. Thanks!

    In His Graces~Pamela

  6. Amen, adn amen. I wish I could always keep this promise in mind for when things get rough.