Sunday, May 10, 2009

Daily Gratitudes # 5

I keep a sidebar for my "Daily Gratitude". I've really enjoyed having these small moments of appreciation. I couldn't, possibly, list all that I am grateful for each day but having the simple reminder to keep an "attitude of gratitude" has been worthwhile for me. I keep the sidebar posts going but 'cut and paste' that list when it gets lengthy. Fell a lil' behind in the most recent posts because of not regularly entering the blogging space but hopefully, all will get back in some sort of routine.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful...

April 28: for chocolate meringue pie...SO GOOD!

April 27: for moments of peace and total acceptance.

April 26: for the blessings of joining treasured friends to worship God this morning.

April 25: for a sweet surprise on our front porch...looks as if a baby owl has found a safe place to stay awhile.

April 24: for encouraging friends who share words of love, wisdom, and encouragement.

April 23: for those who make it their job to ensure the safety of children.

April 22: for feeling so much better after being sick.

April 21: for the comforts of home during times of illness.

April 20: for the successful surgery of my young friend, Keith, who has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

April 19: for a sun-filled, restful day.

April 18: for a day filled with nothing definite; simply a day to hang out and be. YAY!! Couldn't be at a better time :)

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