Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Acts of Poetry

I was, recently, awakened by bad dreams. I was having difficulty falling back to sleep and ended up writing my thoughts in my prayer journal. The following poems were the result. The words came amazingly easy and my heart immediately felt comforted.

Unmet expectations.
Broken promises.
Shattering hearts.

Failed attempts.
Hurtful words.
Soul-aching pain.

Yet finality exists.
Affects all loved ones,
Regardless of age or relationship.

Compromises made.
Inconveniences occur.
Altering concepts of trust.


Searing words.
Punishment undeserved.
Disappearing of self.

Many questions,
too afraid to ask.
Longing for comfort,
too fearful to seek.

Captured soul.
Damaged heart.
Invisible scars.

Reaching out,
yet no one sees.
Inwardly screaming,
yet no one hears.

Discovery of masks,
so no one suspects.
Smiling facade
to hide pain within.
Busy-ness in tasks,
to hide spirit of anguish.

Agonizing doubts of self-worth,
with long-lasting effects.
Difficulty trusting any,
including self.

personal veil is torn.
Images occur.
Memories return.
Sadness engulfs.
Anger is felt.

Overwhelmed by shame,
yet miraculously overtaken by grace.
Ability to forgive occurs
and peace begins to reign.

Disintegrating defenses.
Opening of heart.
Healing of soul.
Deepening of willingness to trust.

Unforgettable occurrences,
Yet graciously covered by a
Redeeming Love
Offered by a
Heavenly Father’s hand.


God’s Holy Words.
Penetrates the soul.
Completes the heart.

Ever-deepening understanding
promoting insatiable
appetite for more.

Grace freely offered.
Moments of enveloping peace.
Soul graciously being restored.

Security found.
Reconciliation occurs.
Relationship is restored.

Overwhelming appreciation
for an unfathomable forgiveness,
and a continual Presence of a Love freely given.


Deep wounds.
Bruised soul.
Death of relationship.

Abiding anger.
Heated tears.
Aching all over.

Regrets form.
Remorse felt.
Restoration unlikely.

Questioning why?
Doubting of self.
Relinquishment to God.

Healing hands of Spirit.
Compassionate grasp of Savior.
Merciful acts of God.

Renewal of spirit.
Healing of heart.
New journey begins.


  1. Look at all this poetry! Wow, you're on a path...

    I like the sounds in this phrase...

    Discovery of masks,
    so no one suspects.

  2. RYC: aren't you so sweet to be praying for me. Thank you.
    Life happens, gaze to Jesus...peace come and settle in..hmmmm

  3. i like how they leave me with the sense of grace and hope.

  4. Hi! I came here from RAP.

    Turning hurtful into fruitful through writing within God's comforting hold - prayerful journaling is such a healing process worth the effort - thank you for sharing these heartful words!

  5. Amazing how He breathes life into even the most pain-filled words.

    Beautiful, Stacy.