Thursday, June 18, 2009

ABC's of the Word: S

Father, as I searched for Scriptures incorporating the letter Ss, I kept being led to verses that encouraged the seeking of your will. This particular verse really touched me with the phrase "...with all your heart." Lord, I am struggling with the "all" part of Your words. I approach You regularly with praise, reverence, confession and petition yet I know, deep within, that I have not searched you with my all. I am having such difficulty with entrusting You to care for my ultimate protection. I keep relying and failing at my attempts to "do more"--"try harder"---etc. God, please cleanse my heart and clear my mind from this sinful way that I have allowed to become a habitual form of behavior. I know, in my head, that it is not what You are calling me towards because these attempts simply lead to feelings of failure, despair, and guilt. Lord, I want to give You my all. I want to seek You with all of my heart. Please break this stronghold within my beliefs that I am, ultimately, responsible for me and my life. I claim to have died to You but foolishly keep trying to resurrect my old ways and then find myself in despair while wondering why the 'old ways' aren't working. Help me to take off the old and place on the new. I can only do this through Your strength and Your mercy. AMEN


  1. Seek is a great choice for S. May God answer your prayer and the desires of your heart...

  2. We seek, He does the rest as we abide with Him....He knows more intimately than you yourself what you encouraged...I bet you've already made a lot of progress in trusting Him from where you started...until we are face to face we will always grow and thankfully I'm thinking the older I get the more laid back and restful I'm getting with Him!!!! Thanks for taking part Stacy

  3. Stacy,

    I LOVE this verse! This is the part of Christianity that is so simple. So many things about God are so deep, His ways are not our ways.... Yet at the very core it is so simple. He wants to be found, we just need to "seek" with our whole hearts. You are so clearly seeking Him, and He is so clearly revealing Himself to you and in you. Continue on Stacy, life will not always be so difficult.

    Your sister in Christ,

  4. Keep seeking Him sweetie, with all of your heart. I love you my friend.

  5. I almost used this word! That verse is priceless and we cannot seek Him enough...or so that is how it has been feeling for me lately.

    Thank you for sharing!!

    In his Graces~Pamela