Monday, June 15, 2009

Daily Gratitudes # 7

I am thankful for:

  • June 12: for the "blogging world" and the precious people God has brought into my life through this avenue of communication. Thanks, at this time, especially to Denise, Lelia, Sue, Tina, & WB. Your words of encouragement and thoughtful prayers mean a lot!
  • June 11: for the safety and security that is mine because of God blessing me as an American citizen
  • June 10: for an enjoyable "sleep-over" with my nephews and niece. Late nite, movies, games, laughter, and junk food. Hard to beat that kind of fun. :)
  • June 9: for the graciousness of my sister who has stepped in when I felt as if I couldn't take another step.
  • June 8: for good friends when I am overwhelmed by raw emotions.
  • June 7: for fun times with my family
  • June 6: for a fun evening with my mom, my brother, my sister, and their children which included a chilly nite swim at Nanny's apt. pool.
  • June 5: for a simple day at home to catch up on household tasks.
  • June 4: for the safe arrival of my sister, Sheryl, and her precious baby boy, Kaeden :)
  • June 3: for the promises of God that He will provide me with wisdom when I ask Him for such.
  • June 2: for a relaxing day at home...for the chance to talk on the phone with my brother, sister, sister-in-law, niece, nephews and a treasured friend. Love you all: Sheryl, Kevin, Angel, Allen, Elizabeth, Kaeden, and Randy...for an enjoyable dinner out with my husband: Thank you, Wayne...and for a nice evening of visiting with my mom. Summer is off to a great start!
  • June 1: to have the task of "shutting down my classroom" for the summer. The long-awaited break has truly begun!!

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