Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daily Gratitudes # 8

I am thankful for:

  • June 29: for the safe arrival of my friends on a mission trip to Jamaica.
  • June 28: for celebrating 12 years of marriage. I love you, Wayne.
  • June 27: for the solidifying of plans and transportation for the Jamaica 2 Mission Team.
  • June 26: for the opportunity to re-connect with "my youth minister" via facebook. Good to talk with you, Keith.
  • June 25: for understanding and supportive friends. I love you so much, Brittney, Randy, Jim, and Wayne. Thank you for your patience, perseverance, and prayers.
  • June 24: for the ability to reconnect with "old friends" through facebook. Looking SO forward to seeing Sheila and it was great to "talk" with Keith and Brittney.
  • June 23: for an enjoyable evening with my mom and for her yummy quesadillas. Love you, Mom!
  • June 22: for lazy days filled with sunshine, rest, and replenishment.
  • June 21: for my father-in-law who loves us all well and continually gives of himself to help others. I love you, Audie, and am so glad that you are my father-in-love.
  • June 20: for Summer Bible Study opportunities.
  • June 19: for working in a community that pulls together during times of grief.
  • June 18: for the privilege of daily prayer and having easy accessibility to God's Word.
  • June 17: for the silly antics of my dog that bring about smiles and laughter.
  • June 16: for being able to regularly communicate with friends conveniently through email, facebook and this blog.
  • June 15: for a day filled with sunshine and relaxation at home.
  • June 14: for having the opportunity to spend the weekend with Wayne and getting to know Sandra and Raynard better. Good weekend filled with ooo's, ahh's, and laughter.
  • June 13: for un-unexpected fun with my husband, Wayne, his sister, Sandra, and her husband, Raynard, while touring the "Parade of Homes"

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