Sunday, July 12, 2009

Daily Gratitudes # 9

I keep a sidebar for my "Daily Gratitude". I enjoy having these moments of appreciation. I couldn't, possibly, list all that I am grateful for each day but having the simple reminder to keep an "attitude of gratitude" is proving to be worthwhile. I keep the sidebar posts going but 'cut and paste' that list when it gets lengthy.

I am grateful for:

July 11: for re-connecting with my friends, Kara and Karen, through facebook. Fun!

July 10: for days of feeling well and enjoying the simple things.

July 9: for days of solitude and peace to spend time in God's Word.

July 8: for my husband, Wayne and my friend, Jim, who both lovingly speak the truth and who are very patient with tears. I am blessed by their friendships.

July 7: for our loving, caring neighbors.

July 6: for my wonderful physician, Linda Roper, who really takes the time to listen.

July 5: for an enjoyable evening with my mom and my Aunt Susan.

July 4: for the safety of my brother-in-law, Raynard, on his return from Honduras and the safe
trip home of my friends returning from the Jamaican 2 Mission Trip.

July 3: for being blessed with a beyond-understanding husband, mom and aunt when I am feeling physically and emotionally worn out. I love you, Wayne, Mom and Aunt Susan =)

July 2: for an enjoyable afternoon of eating out and a movie with my friend, Cheryl and for an enjoyable dinner out with my husband, Wayne.

July 1: for having easy access to air conditioning and clean water. May God bless those who don't have these privileges.

June 30: for lazy summer days to sleep in when I can't sleep at night.

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  1. Awesome list of blessings my friend, love you.