Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Embrace Grace CHAPTER 3: Embrace Faith

(Direct words from the book are noted in red. For more info. on this study, click on the "Yes to God" button or visit Lelia here.)

Ms. Higgs begins this chapter with:
"Faith is not an act of man; it is an act of God, drawing us to Him."
She encourages the reader by saying that for faith to begin only requires one simple step. One must allow God to do the work---"...leave the burden of proof to Him.. He will not disappoint You." God's unlimited love for us was discussed. The following words really touched my heart:
"Faith is not something you fall back on; faith is something you step into."
The chapter presented Scripture after Scripture that emphasized the astoundingly comforting thought that God IS on our side. We don't have to live in fear, regret, or shame because "A constant awareness of His superiority keeps things in perspective and frankly, takes the pressure off." Ms. Higgs discusses the reverential fear of God and how all relationships that are healthy are based on respect.
This chapter was so very encouraging to me. Ms. Higgs noted that those in the Lord will still face the challenges of life but that "...trouble is no longer spelled with a capital T." She encourages the reader to turn their fear to wonder and then turn that wonder into faith. I was, also, introduced to a "new" Scripture:
The fear of the Lord leads to life: Then one rests content, untouched, by trouble. (Proverbs 19:23)

End of the Chapter Questions:

  1. What does "faith in God" mean to you? Having faith in God allows you to trust , even in and with the unknown, because of the fact that there is NOTHING unknown to God and He does not allow ANYTHING that won't eventually result in the furtherance of His good and perfect will.
  2. If you imagined Jesus looking at you, what might you see in His eyes? I, once, believed I'd see disappointment, anger, shame, and possibly sadness IF He even chose to look my way. Thankfully, Truth (with a capital letter T) is allowing me to know that I would see compassion, forgiveness, pride, gentleness, and possibly even tears of joy.
  3. Since we cannot physically look upon the Lord's face, then where do we turn to "see" Him? to Scripture, to His creation, to the innocence of children, and to other believers who aim to imitate Christ in their lives


  1. I love that bit about faith being something to step, have I been there!

    Again, enjoying your thoughts on this study, Stacy!

  2. When you finish the book you listed on the last post you need to read "The Pursuit of Holiness". It follows your thoughts here and will take you to a new level in your walk of faith. Just when I think I might be getting somewhere, He shows me how mush more I need to change. Walking this journey with you friend! You have such a beautiful heart. I am sure He is smiling at that!

    In His Graces~Pamela