Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence

This devotional book, Jesus Calling… is unlike any other devotional book I have ever read. There is a short devotional for each day of the year. The 8-page introduction offers insights and references specific materials that motivated the writing of this remarkable “gift book“.

The author, Sarah Young, shares how she regularly journals in her daily devotions with God. She tells the readers of the amazing occurrences that led her personal prayer journaling to become more of a dialogue, rather than a monologue. The book is written from the perspective of Christ “speaking” to the reader. This perspective adds a meaningful, personal touch based on specified Scriptures from the One who loves us most.

Each daily “conversation” reads like a love letter from the Savior and Creator of our universe. Scripture is skillfully woven into each devotional with Scriptural references available on each page. I found this book to be the perfect lead-in to my personal prayer time.

God has worked through Mrs. Young’s penned words to bring the reader into a reverential, awe-inspiring, time of communing with the Lord. These daily devotionals will soften your heart and transform your thoughts through an enriching private time of devotion. Highly recommended!


  1. OK, you sold me. I will have to get one!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    His Maidservant~Pamela

  2. Such a great review sweetie.

  3. Stacy,
    The pastor I have been counseling with at my church gave me this book a couple of months ago. He told me that it was his experience that women seemed to like it more than men. Well I think that may be true on some levels but I have been copying the devotions into my letters to Brett and also to another young man that I met through Brett and have been corresponding with. They love them! I think anyone who has a heart softened and is seeking the Savior this devotional is life changing!

    Brett said that several of his cell mates also looked forward to reading them. I have been praying about getting involved in prison/jail ministry and I feel strongly about trying to get this book into the jails. There are so many broken, hurting people in jail/prison that are desperate for the Savior's voice. I think that the first one was so successful that she also has penned a second book. I love that each devotional is based on scripture.

    In Him,

  4. Jesus Calling is a very encouraging, gentle devotional book . The 365 daily devotions are written in first person - God speaking to the reader and encouraging them to put aside their worries and concerns and focus on Him.