Monday, March 15, 2010

10 More Mondays :)

Today has been a great day! I actually got to school early and had time to set the room up with some "leprechaun tricks" (chairs turned over, items moved, mis-matched center toys, and green glitter spread throughout the room.) The students had such a good time trying to restore order to our classroom and searching for a note from the "leprechauns". The morning was filled with hugs, "I missed you's", and lots of giggles. The weather was beautiful so we went on a special walk to observe all the changes that the new season is bringing. No matter how yucky some of the days are, I know that I have the BEST job in the world and am so blessed to be employed where I am and to have the privilege of working with the best co-workers and so many wonderful families.

Stopped by Walmart after school (a usual dreaded task) but knowing that the sun would be shining when I left the store and headed home made it much easier. Requesting prayer for my mom who has injured her knee, my sister who is facing one of those "big-life-decisions", and my brother & his family as they will be out of touch while camping out for his kid's "Spring Break". So many people are in need right now…so grateful that God is far more aware and far more capable of meeting those needs. Praying that He will use me as His tool whenever and wherever needed.

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