Friday, March 12, 2010

Feeling good...

Wow! This week off of work was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Lord, for providing for such a time.

I have been able to rest when needed, visit with a few precious friends, enjoy time with my mom, my sister & her family, and took the "me-time" to get re-focused and rejuvenated for WHATEVER the future may hold.

Joy and peace are returning to my soul after I was beginning to believe that may not ever be possible. God brought it to my attn. that I keep praying for ways to cope rather for complete healing; for Him to strengthen me rather than enabling me to rest in His strength. I am so prone to being a "do-er" that when "doing" wasn't working, all felt lost, and worthless. SO UNTRUE and I will not allow Satan lies to take me off track in my relationship with God for one more day!

I'm looking forward to this "fresh start" and "new beginnings". Time to deal with the past, put it in its place and move forward. Praising God for the opportunity and privilege to do so through and only because of Him.

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