Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday-Fill-Ins # 169

  1. The right word will usually come when one is still and waiting to hear what God is telling you.
  2. Please lower your voice and shut the door quietly, please is said in my Pre-K classroom at least 10 times per day.
  3. Up in the clouds is where my head has been lately; thinking of tasks to come rather than the ones at hand.
  4. At my house, with blaring music and cleaning supplies is where you'll find me this weekend as I prepare for 50+ Easter Sunday guests.
  5. Ooh! What is that smell? Thank you to the PTO for bringing lasagna and sides to the teacher's lounge on Thursday. The entire building smelled scrumptious!!
  6. I think a 3-day week-end is a good idea.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to doing absolutely nothing, tomorrow my plans include cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and Sunday, I want to attend worship services, complete lesson plans, and finish up the video series "NuMe" by Andy Stanley!
Praying that all have a weekend filled with blessings, including the WARMTH of sunshine. J


  1. 50 + Easter guests?? Girl, I'm praying for you! How have you been, Stacy? Think of you often! Sending hugs your way and wishes for a lovely Easter.