Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blogger Review ( What's He Really Thinking? by Paula Rinehart

I came upon this book at a very timely place within my life.  Due to simple life demands, this wasn't a quick read but well worth the time invested.  The author discussed one universal truth among women is that each of us will always somehow be relating to a man.  Her words from Chapter 1: "We are better able to love what we understand.  And loving and being loved is the main way we reflect the glory of God." were the words that motivated me to complete this book

One of the main concepts were of the importance of realizing your own worth because when you view yourself as God views you, you can have a profound influence upon the lives of others.  The author also discussed the various roles a man has as well as the varying temperaments/personalities.

The most insightful aspect I found was in becoming aware of the challenges a man faces that women do not.  I enjoyed the section on specifics to pray for regarding men  and how our expectations often influence who or what people will become within the given relationships.

Though the book does include any sort of relationships you may have with a male (brother, father, mate, etc.), this book does seem more personally applicable to the marital relationship.  This was my introduction to the works of the author, Paula Rinehart, and I look forward to reading more of her materials.


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