Monday, October 3, 2011

Prayer based on Philippians 1

Father God, I come before You with thanksgiving in my heart and a soul that is truly seeking more of You. As I read through Philippians 1 this morning, I felt Paul echoing words of my own heart. I pray that the personalization of these Scriptures into my personal prayer will be acceptable. I love you, Lord, and I am longing for that love and trust to deepen putting to death each and every doubt and fear.

Father, I thank You that I do belong to Christ Jesus because of your gracious love and mercies. I pray that the knowledge of whose I am will further develop grace and peace within me that only You can provide.

Lord, I thank You for those in my life who are also seeking You above all. Thank you for their loving-kindness, encouragement, partnership and prayers. My appreciation for these like-minded, God-loving, Christ-following believers deepens each day. I thank You for these relationships and the special places that each of these people has in my heart. Thank You for the ways You have enabled them, Lord, to confirm the Truths of Your Words and to be a continual sense of encouragement to me. I pray that you will allow me to do/be the same for them. Father, I pray that You will continue the good works that You have begun in these friends and within me until all is completed upon Christ’s return.

Lord, I pray that these precious people that You have allowed to be a part of my life know how much I treasure and value each of them. If not, please show me how to express my true gratitude, care and concern for each of them.

I ask that Your Spirit will allow Your love to completely fill me in ways that I cannot even imagine. I pray for the ability, willingness, and commitment to keep growing in the knowledge and understanding of You and for that knowledge and love to spill over into every relationship in my life. I want others to, undoubtedly, see Christ and His love in my life. I want to value what truly matters and to be filled with the righteousness that can only be created through a personal relationship with Christ.

God, I pray that You help me to keep in my mind and heart that You can and will use all things that have happened and all things that will happen to further the cause of Your kingdom. Please forgive me when I doubt that Truth and allow myself to get caught up in fears, doubt, anger, and sadness. Lord, increase my confidence in You and enable me to speak fearlessly of Your name and Your Word.

Lord, I so often get caught up in the selfish desires of my heart, my plans, and my wants. Please forgive me when my intentions are not Godly and in alignment with Your will. Create in me a pure heart filled with genuine love for You and for others.

Forgive me, Father, for the times I’ve backed away in embarrassment and fear at the times I have been questioned to speak up in defense of Christ and the relationship He so lovingly has offered me. I want my life to bring honor to You. I want to be faithful, despite any barriers that may be presented. I want others to see Christ living in me. Please deepen my faith, remove my doubts, destroy my fears and keep me close to Your heart.

Lord, I ask that You keep my heart and mind focused on the Truth that I am a citizen of Heaven and that I will lead a life that is worthy of such. Strengthen me to stand against any one and any circumstance that may attempt to cause me to question the Promises and Truths of Your Word. Thank you for not only allowing me the privilege of trusting in Christ but to also have the privilege of suffering for Him. Please help me to remember that the sufferings are also a privilege. Forgive my unbelief and doubts. Strengthen me through Your Presence, Your Spirit, Your Word and Your Followers.