Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Feeling confused and a little lost.

Once again considering what a true friendship may cost.

Wasn’t expecting the anger or the shut-out.

Though God is my anchor ;  there remains a bit of doubt.

'I will always accept.

My love for you is secure.

I am your given.

A safe place to endure.'

'Nothing you can say, do, or expose

Will cause me to walk away.

Words that no one other than God

Should really say.'

We, as humans, are weak and frail.

Can’t be counted on 100% to never fail.

Broken promises.

Unkind words said.

A “forever relationship”

Now seems as nothing but dead.

Tears of grief, wrapped in anger, hurt, and loss.

But knowing that God redeemed ALL at the cross.

I may not know the answers to all of His ways.

But I will love and obey Him no matter what every day.

I will never regret those who have been a piece of my heart.

I will hold on to the wisdom, God through each, did impart.

Though I may never understand where relationships are bound.

I know, with certainty, where REAL LOVE can be found.

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