Monday, March 19, 2012

Daily Gratitudes

March 18: the assurances that incessant puppy crying at night will come to an end (!!)

March 17: safe travel and arrival for my mom, my brother and his 2 precious kids

March 16: good bill of health for puppy Bella and some great deal on Little People Toys

March 15: Lunch with 3 treasured gal-pals: Cheryl, Karen, & Tracey

March 14: Successful completion of errands

March 13: Surprise 2.4 lb pkg of cuteness. Welcome to puppy Bella!

March 12: 1st Day of Spring Break!!

March 11: extra hour of daylight; lazy, rainy day that was perfect for an afternoon nap and catching up on household 'stuff'

March 10: Shortened day of a long-scheduled workshop. Great information, wonderful presenters BUT on a Saturday---ugh!

March 9: Sheryl and Rhyder will be in town for the evening!! Having fun with them and my sweet Mom tonight!

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