Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Matters :)

Today didn't go exactly as planned but oh well...

I was so grateful to wake up to such a sunshiny day!  The wind kept things cool enough to spend some time outside taking care of some long-neglected tasks.  I was able to download 1000+ photos for Sheryl onto so that she and any others may have access to having printed copies of pics going all the back to Kaed's newborn pictures.  Spent some relaxing time reading, taking a mid-day nap and watched a cute TV-movie with Wayne.  Nothing too terribly exciting but exactly what I needed.

Wayne ended up taking a sick day and was home most of the day.  He helped me gather items for a Goodwill-donation trip and did a mini-shopping trip to Brookshires.  So thankful that he is the type of guy who doesn't mind helping out around the house and such.  I know that is just one of his many wonderful qualities.

Plans tomorrow include:
  • calling one of my classroom kiddos who is home during his vacation recovering from a tonsillectomy :(
  • donations to Goodwill
  • spray-washing the car (in prep for a hand-washing later this week)
  • catching up on laundry
  • making a trip to the sell some/buy some bookstore
  • catching up the checkbook
  • physical therapy appointment
  • clearing off the porches and the carport
  • calling friends, Nadine & Karen, to hopefully make plans to get together this week
  • actually hand-writing some letters to folks I treasure in my heart
  • Getting caught up on the Beth Moore: James Study 
  • attempting to groom Bailey

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