Saturday, April 21, 2012

Remaining Amazed

I remain amazed at the true goodness of God.   
These past few months have been incredible!

Incredibly joyful.  
Incredibly peaceful.
Incredibly busy.  
Incredibly hard. 
Incredibly blessed.

The past few months have brought about some important relational changes. Some relieving, some hurtful but God remains in control and I am trusting Him with all things, which includes all relationships. I remain so thankful for God making it so evident to me that He has been with me all along and that He will continue to be a continual present and presence in my life.

I so wanted to take the necessary steps to adopt a young boy that has been entrusted to my care during the school day but apparently, God has other plans.  Strange sense of grief in that area----most likely, because I allowed myself to mentally jump ahead with all sorts of preparations and ideas without waiting to see if this was truly God’s Will.   I am amazed at the sadness I feel yet also amazed by the incredible sense of peace in knowing that God’s love for this boy is bigger and better than mine could ever be. 

Work relationships have been altered.  Necessary changes but not necessarily easy.  I am so blessed to work with so many with whom I love and respect and have the honor of calling them friends; not just co-workers.  I miss the days when our entire campus felt more like a family with a common cause but I suppose that’s just an effect of growth within the district.

The un-expected death of Betty Sue, the un-timely death of Pam and the sadness of Stella Rose passing away broke my heart but such a peace is present in knowing that both these precious ladies and this baby girl are with Jesus. I have always tended to choose to be alone during times of grief and was pleasantly surprised by the consolation in being able to share the pain of loss with those who are also experiencing the grief.  


Our new puppy, Bela Rose (lovingly named in honor of Pam and Stella who were previously mentioned), was an un-planned addition to our household yet has brought so much joy and laughter during a time of change and loss.  I absolutely adore this dog and had never even considered this particular breed as a pet.  Goes to show that all-planned-out isn’t necessarily the way to approach this journey of life.

I am finding it next to impossible to believe that Rhyder has already turned one; that Kaeden will soon be in kindergarten, and that Allen and Elizabeth will be in middle school!!  I am amazed at the passage of time but so proud of these 4 and so thankful that God allowed these precious children to be a part of my family and allowing me the privilege of being their aunt.

Britt and Rob got married!!  I am so proud of Brittney yet was so saddened that her daddy wasn’t here walk her down the aisle nor did he get to know the man with whom his baby girl will be spending the rest of her life.  I am so appreciative that God allowed David to be a part of many lives for any amount of time yet the grief of missing him remains tremendous.

The upcoming graduations for both high school and college along with the usual craze of the end-of-the-school year have these next few weeks looking incredibly challenging.  I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in the state’s TSR! Grant Program and Training.  I’ve been blessed to meet some kindred work-souls but the amount of extra work is feeling a bit like a 2nd job at this point.  Despite the added tasks being way more time consuming than I’d anticipated, I know the effects of such are going to be incredible for my teaching and for the students in my class.

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