Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Today has been an incredibly hard day. After spending the majority of Tuesday in bed with a debilitating migraine, sleep did not come easy last night so feeling tired is an understatement. I am so thankful for the gorgeous weather today. Having an extended playground time with my students was enjoyable. Maybe winter is truly over.

I met hubby in town today to pick up some stuff. I hate to see him hurting. I have to cognitively fight away the thoughts of guilt and feelings of responsibility. I  do not want him hurting but that's out of my control and I simply don't feel as if I can return right now, if ever.

I spent the early part of the evening at the downtown park sitting in my car and bawling. I wonder if I'll ever understand how I allowed my life to be this out of control. I don't feel as I truly fit anywhere. A co-worker who isn't even aware of what's happening in my world sent me the sentiment poster above. I am so grateful that even when I don't feel as if I  belong anywhere, God still claims me as His own.

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