Saturday, May 24, 2014


I am so grateful for the weekend and a three day weekend at that!! Woo-hoo! I missed our school Field Day today :(. So disappointed because that one of my favorite fun days but I just wasn't up to the task physically. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Feeling significantly better tonight and looking forward to the weekend. I'll complete a few more job applications tomorrow along with getting at least one carload of classroom stuff moved out. The moving won't be so much fun but it will be a huge RELIEF. I regret not closing this chapter of life a few years back but onward and upward.

Traveling near Greenville tomorrow night to meet a lifelong friend for dinner then she and I will head to an annual song fest at a congregation in Point. Hoping to meet up with another friend while in the area. I have recently realized how many relationships I've neglected over the past several years because of the shame I felt in all that has (had) occurred. Feeling especially grateful and blessed for the friends who've remained constant in spite of my neglect.

I'm meeting with W. out at our house on Sunday to help prepare the house for the potential refinancing so that I may have rent money. I'm thankful that we are not angry and quarreling but the hurt on both sides is evident and awkward. Praying continually that all will go as smoothly as possible.

Planning on simply relaxing on Monday to prep for the FINAL FOUR DAYS OF SCHOOL!! Love, love, love my kiddos but IT.IS.TIME!! I will not miss the working environment at all so that itself feels amazingly wonderful and freeing.  I just keep having to remind myself that GOD IS IN CONTROL. He's got this ENTIRE situation and blessings will come.

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