Monday, June 9, 2014

Erratic day!!

Ended up not meeting with husband because he wasn't feeling well. Probably for the less awkward afternoon is okay with me. I'll go out on Monday, while he is at work, and finish the straightening up/cleaning out process.

One thing I've learned while living with my mom for the past couple of months is the realization that I really don't need much stuff to live happily. As long as I have a place to sleep, access to food, and the ability to listen to music and read my Bible, I'm good. When the time comes for me to move into a place of my own, the move will be much easier because I'm going to stick with this newfound simplicity and let a lot of my things go to a goodwill type of charity in hopes that someone else may be blessed.

I've slept off and on throughout the day. Unexpected crying spells caught me totally off guard. I must get up at a reasonable time tomorrow and not take a nap before my flipping of nights and days become any easier. I've thought a lot about the people in my life that are and have been such an important part of my life and forever a part of my heart. I have been truly blessed. God brought to mind a friend from college that has walked this path I'm on and she has already been a tremendous source of encouragement.

Kyle, Elaine, and David have increasingly been on my mind. Once I start down that road is remembering, all of the others come rushing back also. (Kelly, Greg,  Corey R. Corey B., Brett, Bart, Gena, Randy N., Brian B., Scott, Pam). I doubt I will ever understand why their lives were so drastically cut short. I know I'll never stop missing them. Time really hasn't healed the wounds but time has made the losses more manageable. Makes me want hold tighter to those I hold close in my heart.

I miss my friend that I was able to reconnect with for a short amount of time but simply continue to pray for God's guidance, wisdom, and healing for what this friend has going on in their life. Letting go and trusting God to work out HIS best for all involved.

Hoping to get a lot accomplished today and form somewhat of a normal routine for the next few weeks before yet another move.

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