Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hee-Haw Oldie but Goodie

This evening as I pulled back into B-town around 10 p.m., that old Hee-Haw song, "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all..." was going in my mind. (LOL!!) I  left Sheryl's today with the intention of going to the Dog Rescue Ranch to simply meet Phoebe then head on back to T-town.  The Rescue Ranch was NOT as I'd envisioned.  I was mortified upon arrival.  95 dogs and ONE woman who was, understandably, a bit scattered.

Phoebe was not fairly represented on the website.  She doesn't appear to be as well-trained as noted but nonetheless, she stole my heart.  I had never planned on getting her before the 28th but the lady begged me to take Phoebe today.  It was obvious that the poor woman was desperate and it was more than obvious that this low-key, sweet dog did not "belong" in the midst of that chaos.  I declined at first because I simply don't have the adoption fees at this time.  (The lady waived the fees.)  I continued with the 'I can't take the dog as filthy as she was to my mom's apt.'  (The lady gave her flea medication and a quick bath.)  I argued that I didn't have a crate or anything prepared to keep her safe.  (The lady gave me a crate that sells for $100.00).  Soooo...precious Ms. Phoebe slept in the backseat throughout the entire drive BACK TO BROWNWOOD(!!)  When I left the rescue ranch, I decided to go back to B-town because it was a much closer drive then heading on to T-town BUT me and my classic self, got mixed up somehow or the other and made the 2 1/2 hour drive last 5+ hours.  RIDICULOUS!!!  A GPS will definitely be my next purchase. Google Maps let me down in the biggest way in the midst of thunderstorms pretty much the entire drive.  

All in all, it was a good day.  Husband emailed me about some money that was "technically both of ours BUT..."  I am weary of all that mess.  I know without a doubt that God will more than adequately meet my needs; I am not expending the energy to fuss over finances.  I wasn't expecting the money and he is begrudgingly offering it.  I'm going to think on it and pray about for a few days but my initial response is to simply sign the check over and be done with it.

I keep trying to figure out why husband thinks he is the lone victim in all of this.  INFURIATING!!
But life is moving on...
job: check 
find a house: check
bank account: check 
utilities and such taken care of: check
new doggy companion: check
address change: check

I think all that remains is getting all of my "stuff" in ONE place.  Praying that will be able to be accomplished by the 28th so that I'll have a couple of weeks to prepare my classroom and set up the house.  I made it through today with only a couple of tearing up times but no falling tears.  YAY, ME!!  I count that as significant especially with the unexpected email with attitude and the chaotic dog situation and the looong driving adventure.

Another grrrrr... moment of the day: even after spending over $1500.00 on my car within the past 5 weeks, the blasted thing still died repeatedly today.  I'm not sure what the best choice is but I am seriously considering and seeking out advice whether or not to simply buy another car.  I will no longer have a 2 hour drive time daily and I won't be traveling as much on weekends so I'm hoping to be able to get by with what I have until at least January but that may not be what is best.  Lord, please give me wisdom and/or discernment.  The financial stuff is overwhelming me a bit.

I ended up behind a convoy of Army vehicles today in the Killeen area.  Of course, friends that are never far from my mind were immediately in the forefront of my thoughts.  Yet another bittersweet moment.  But in doing so, I was reminded to check in on R.S. as her divorce date draws near and also to get the care package to A.G. before he is deployed to the unknown.

One day at a time. :)

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