Monday, July 7, 2014

Life IS moving on.

All seems to be moving so fast while at the same time, each day is exhaustingly long.

I am so grateful for the new job. The entire interview with Woodland Elementary has the fingerprints of God all over it. I have absolutely no doubt that God did, in fact, open this door. I just don't understand why. The campus is nice. The principal is fabulous and the fellow teachers and staff were wonderful. All still seems a bit surreal in that I now have a job, a new house (renting), and a support team of extraordinary women to rely upon during all of these transitions and all hours away from the life I've known for the past 19 years.

I will be less than 5 miles from work, 3 minutes from my sister and 10 minutes from my mom. I've decided to let Husband keep both dogs. Several feel that I allowed him to manipulate that situation but I am ultimately okay with the arrangement. I am grief-stricken, especially regarding Bailey, but I know that Bailey would have a hard transition. Bela would be okay but a handful especially since she only likes to walk on carpet and there isn't any carpet in "my" house. I also think that Husband needs them more than I do for comfort during this terribly difficult time. My goal is to be above reproach in this matter and ultimately feel at peace with God.

I have scoured countless animal rescues in search of a new fur-buddy. I cannot imagine going home to an empty house every day. I think I found the perfect fit in Elgin. I plan to travel next week to meet Phoebe and her current caretaker was okay with keeping her until the end of the month so all would be settled before bringing her home. I so hope it's a good fit and that my landlord approves her. He was fine with B and B but they are both considered small and their combined weight is 30 lbs. Phoebe is a German Shepherd/Alaskan Malamute Mix who is at least 50 lbs. She is house-trained, crate-trained, leash-trained, spayed, current on all vaccines, and well-mannered. Looking forward to meeting this precious-looking girl and praying that all will work out.

I had planned on renting a U-haul to carry some furniture from the house but I think it will be easier and more financially-sound to just take my personal belongings and get furnishings as I am able. I was already able to get a couch, chair, ottoman, and an armoire from some moving sales. My mom is giving me her trundle bed that I've used since being here with her and that'll be fine for a while. The house is 3 bedrooms with a fenced yard and a 2 car garage. The neighborhood is older but nice. One of my sister's good friends live 2 doors down and there are several policeman on the same street. Definitely another God-thing in finding a place in that location and price range. Brownwood is not all that big but I managed to get  all kinds of lost in the area. Sigh!! I kept ending up either at the Camp Bowie Army base or a nearby funeral home. Google maps was not helpful...a GPS will definitely need to be an upcoming purchase.

Husband and I have decided to not participate in marriage counseling. EVERY TIME, that he and I talk, the wound only deepens. He simply doesn't "get it".
I've talked with a lawyer and will pursue more information when it's financially feasible to do so.

I am so tired of the tears that still occur on a daily basis but I'm filled with more hope than I've had in a very long time.

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