Friday, July 25, 2014

Road Trip(s)!!

Left Btown on Saturday; 5 hour drive back to T-town...Return to Btown on Tuesday, back to Ttown on Wednesday...round trip from T to B tomorrow so that I can be here to help my brother move our mom from her apartment...back to Ttown on Sunday for a couple of days then back to Btown on Tuesday where I may hopefully stay put until August 4th. Whew!! Tires me out to think about it. Glad that I enjoy driving and radio time.

SO VERY THANKFUL for Leslie's willingness to come to town today and help me pack and to get the bigger items from the house. I shouldn't be surprised because I've known the man for 19 years but every time that Husband communicates with me in whatever form, it only solidifies the fact that my choice to leave was the "right" thing to do---though it has been far from easy. I will be so grateful at the end of September when my finances are more stable to be able to afford what's necessary for divorce proceedings. This chapter of life needs to be closed. I was so hoping that I could begin such sooner but money only goes so far.

I don't care about the 50/50 legalities. I am fine with starting over. I don't care about the house equity, etc. My only legal requests are to have my name removed from the ownership of the house. for his name to be removed from my car title and to get my dog. I thought I could leave Bailey with Husband but I'm totally rethinking that for a variety of reasons.

Feeling incredibly blessed even through the emotional pain and chaos.

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