Friday, August 15, 2014

And the School Year Begins...

Today was fabulous!  I cannot believe that a new teacher orientation day could be so fun!  I am so excited.  I am feeling like a first year teacher all over again despite this being my 21st.  Turns out that is a good thing.

It is beyond refreshing to be with folks who enjoy what they are doing.  My immediate co-workers seem fantastic and it looks to be a great school year! Now if only my classroom were set and ready(!!).

The principal had a small luncheon for all of us who are new to the WH campus and it was really enjoyable.  My classroom still looks like a warehouse but I am going to attack the chaos over the weekend and transform that room.

Tonight, I must focus on my house.  The piles are easily getting out of control.  Sooooo... ready to be settled---that day is drawing closer.  Yay for the weekend and yay for a week to get to know my co-workers better before the onslaught of students.

Praising God for EACH and EVERY joyful moment in the midst of loss and transition.
My prayers today have included provisional care and safety for the troops that have been deployed to the Mexican border (passed a convoy of 7 military vehicles this morning on the way to work) and praying that my ever-too-frequent tears will cease but that the sensitivity I feel towards (#1) those who are struggling and (#2) towards the awareness that God's care and concern for His children, including me, is far better than the absolute best care from one another.

Looking forward to a Pajama night of silly TV and quiet time at home.

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