Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Strange Sense of Loss

The death of Robin Williams has deeply touched me with a sense of sadness, gratitude and fear.

Sadness for such a profound loss, especially to the entertainment industry.

Gratitude for the myriad of ways he brought such joy to so many through his career, for the ways he cared for those whom he loved and for the giving of his time, energies and resources to those less fortunate. I have so appreciated his candor and honesty with the struggles he's faced. Speaking as one who has struggled with the inexplicable darkness of depression for many years, his perseverance was an encouragement.

Herein lies the Fear: for here was a person who had any available resource at hand yet that wasn't enough. He fought and fought this insidious disease through counseling, inpatient/outpatient facilities, and his Christian faith yet he ultimately lost the fight and lost his life. Breaks my heart and reminds me how scary that sense of darkness can be.

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