Monday, September 15, 2014

The small things

Over the past several days, the adage of "it's all about the small things" has repeatedly occurred:

  • The kindness of the personnel at the Auto Sales
  • Jay's willingness to share from his experiences
  • The kindness of 3 strangers at a gas station during a time of minor need
  • The time a stranger took to make sure I was cared for and comfortable
  • The small talk and laughter with co-workers
  • Heart-to-heart sharing with Diane
  • Smiles of my precious students
  • Surprise greeting from my sister and her boys
  • A photograph that brought tears to my eyes
  • Another photograph that filled my heart with smiles and hopefulness
  • The voice of a lifelong friend
  • A hug from a child 
  • Exact change needed at just the right time
I'm so grateful that so many of the biggest blessings can be found in even the smallest tasks done for you and by you.

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