Saturday, October 18, 2014

Daily Gratitude(11)

1. Opportunity to sleep in this morning and have a restful day at home.
2. My kind neighbors mowing both my front and back yard for far less than it would have cost to hire a lawn care company.
3. Beautiful sunshine-y day.
4. Contemporary Christian music that so often ministers and soothes my soul. "Plumb" has some poignant lyrics!
5. The privilege and power of prayer
6. Friends and family who not only speak truth to me in love but allow me to do the same
7. Coming across the book I began reading today while at Hastings just killing time. Life After Divorce: Create A New Beginning written by Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse offered perspectives I hadn't considered, options to consider, hope for a better future and a means of encouragement and healing. I could relate to so much just within the first couple of chapters. I underlined and highlighted and will create notes of reference for reminders. It was nice (for lack of a better term) to see some of my thoughts/feelings that I haven't openly expressed being written by another---put normalcy into perspective  and comfort in knowing that I'm obviously not the only one who has felt or thought certain ways.

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