Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Daily Gratitude(15)

1. The safety of a student that we feared may have been a victim of a family abduction. A VERY long 7 minutes of awareness, investigating and resolving.

2. The willingness of the district's diagnostician to respectfully listen and discuss the concerns I have regarding imminent classroom changes.

3. Sonic's "Happy Hour" which helped ease the chaos for several of us at work today.

4. For being able to find the book I needed in Abilene rather than having to wait for it be shipped via the internet.

5. The discovery of the Mardels store. Wow!! I have a new most favorite place. Books, CDs, DVDs, home decor, jewelry, school decor, etc. I thought LifeWay was fabulous but they've definitely been replaced. (Also, thankful that it is located at least 1 1/2 hour        away. Hehe!)

6. Kurt's willingness to "deal with" my tears, encourage, support, pray and his ability to actually make sense of my words.
I'm especially grateful that he told me that he truly believes that I am "...much stronger than I believe, braver than I think, at an optimally healthy place, where hope does exist and the hurts can be healed..." He also added that I was emotionally healthier than I've been in my entire life yet also in the most painful state ever. Oddly comforting and maddening!! I really appreciate the way he directly asks questions, kind-heartedly replies and is able to catch me in less than a second if I start to veer off topic. Finding his services at this point in time has truly been a God-send. My prayer is that I will make the most of every opportunity and remain willing to share, WITHOUT fear, whatever God lays on my heart, regardless of how difficult disclosing some information may be. Regardless of the "healthy" assessment, the shame runs deep for things I was made to be a part of, even though I cognitively know that I was a victim of the choices, demands and actions of others. I get that, yet still wish I had been smarter, braver, etc.

7. Finally finding a replacement for my long-lost Kerrie Roberts CD. Now to find the CDs by Susan Ashton.

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