Thursday, October 23, 2014

Daily Gratitude(16)

1. The district's diagnostician being willing to meet with before school so I would be fully prepared for the group meeting. What will be, will be. Praying that the concerns I have will be proven wrong.
2. The convenience of having less than a 5 minute drive from house to work.
3. The absolute privilege of being "Aunt Stacy". I love my niece and nephews more than I ever imagined possible. So proud of each of them.
4. Having the opportunity to read aloud with Kaeden after school. That boy holds my heart in his hand!
5. Having a few moments of cuddle-time with Rhyder. Those moments have diminished in the midst of  his 'independent' phase.
6. The arrival of my purchase order items. I can finally finish setting up the classroom.
7. Netty's professional and personal support, encouragement and prayers.
8. My momma's loving hug.

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