Thursday, October 9, 2014

Daily Gratitude(2)

1. The precious smiles & hugs of my cutie-pie students when I returned to work today after having been at a workshop.
2. Safe travels to and from Abilene despite kinda driving in auto-pilot.
3. The kindness, honesty, and encouragement shown by Kurt, especially when I'm fearful that my rambling is nonsense(!!)
4. DIET DR. PEPPER!!! I know, I's really not good for me but man, oh, man did it hit the spot today.
5. Surprise lunch brought to me by Sheryl and the fun of enjoying the time with her and her boys during my lunch break.
6. The support staff that seems to be accompanying the arrival of my soon-to-be-new student with autism. Looking forward to meeting this young blessing.

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