Thursday, October 30, 2014

Daily Gratitudes(23)

1. Calm day in returning to work
2. Enjoyable grade-level meeting with Jenny and Deidra
3. Opportunity to spend some one on one time with Kaeden after school.
4. Fun afternoon of visiting with Sheryl & Amber
5. Dinner with my mom, Sheryl, and the boys
6. Molly's pumpkin bread surprise waiting on my desk
7. Randy's uncompromising friendship and his ability to "hear me loud and clear" even in the midst of confused mumbling.
8. God granting me enough wisdom to know NOT to respond to a card I received in the mail from someone who presumes to know much more than she actually does. Blinding, hot tears of anger were immediate along with seething words for my journal alone that I know wouldn't serve any good to be shared.
9. An evening in which going to bed early is a very doable action.

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