Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unbelievable! Grrrr...

Miserable day.
Miserable attitude.

I must do something to get my immune system back on track.

Infuriating that I missed yet another day of work but it's impossible to be with approx 20 four-five year olds while having to periodically rush to the bathroom.
Frustration doesn't help much but frustration it is!

Step 1 is to go to CVS and get some Vitamin B and C supplements then figure out how to incorporate more protein into my day. I am such a carb addict(!!).
I need a crash course on nutrition that will take into account the supposed food allergies.
Intimidating area but obviously a necessity.

I am too young to feel this worn-out and to repeatedly get this sick.

Now taking action!

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